Plastic molding

Plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding, utilizing specialized molds, enables the production of polymeric components for a wide range of applications and industries.

The versatility of plastics knows almost no bounds, as they play a crucial role in numerous construction processes. Beyond construction, plastic products are ubiquitous in everyday life, with a wide array of household items manufactured using this technique.

Consequently, the industrial sectors benefiting from plastic injection molding are numerous and diverse. These include the food industry, heating and cooling systems, automotive manufacturing, the chemical industry, appliance production, automation and beverage machinery manufacturing, the lighting sector, industrial cleaning, and furniture production.

Our production processes for injection molding include a wide range of polymers:

Sustainable production of plastic items

From straightforward to intricate molds, we have the capability to shape various plastic materials, thanks to advanced software and machinery that ensure precision, reliability, and shorter production cycles.

Our injection molding process employs both hydraulically and electrically driven machines. These machines, equipped with servomotors and numerical controls, enable faster and more precise process management while achieving energy savings of approximately 20% to 30%.

Environmental consciousness is integral to our molding operations. We prioritize sustainability by utilizing energy from renewable sources, including the power generated by our photovoltaic panels or sourced from external suppliers. Additionally, we use quality-certified plastic polymer granules derived from recycled products, further contributing to our eco-friendly practices.