Zeno S.r.l. was founded in 1969 in the province of Verona with the objective of manufacturing industrial gaskets for both Italian and international companies. Over the years, the company has grown and diversified its operations, expanding into the production of industrial technical articles, plastic injection molding and the pantograph milling of aluminum products.

Expertise, professionalism, and ongoing innovation have been the guiding principles throughout the company’s history. From its founder, Luciano Zecchin, to his sons Gianluca and Marco, who now lead the company, the consistent focus has been on creating products tailored to meet specific requirements, utilizing various manufacturing techniques and advanced technologies.

We rely on a team of professionals, each specializing in a distinct field and staying continuously updated on industry innovations.

We constantly search for the finest materials for every product, prioritizing sustainable work processes (since 2006, we’ve been utilizing photovoltaic panels to harness clean energy for a significant portion of our production). Additionally, we possess the capability to devise effective solutions even for the most intricate projects.

These factors enable us to cultivate enduring relationships of trust and long-term collaborations with our customers.

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