Industrial Gaskets and Technical Articles

Rubber sheets, mats and profiles, joint gaskets, thermal insulation gaskets, foam rubber gaskets, sound dampening gaskets, cork or fabric gaskets.

We make industrial technical articles for companies in very different sectors, guaranteeing effective solutions and maximum precision, for an excellent result.

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Rubber sheets, mats and profiles can be made to custom designs and in different types of materials, depending on the needs and sector.

We manufacture joint gaskets based on drawings or samples, tailored to various applications and medium-to-high operating conditions.

Heat-insulating cardboard and ceramic fiber gaskets find application in environments demanding exceptional heat resistance.

Foam rubber gaskets are available in both open-cell and closed-cell varieties, offering exceptional versatility and absorption capabilities.

Sound dampening gaskets are mainly used in the heating industry and in the closing panels of screw compressors.

We make industrial gaskets in cork (agglomerates, rubber cork) and in various types of fabrics (wool felt, synthetic felt, non-woven fabric).